Del’s House

Del’s House

“Compassion is not a sloppy sentimental feeling for people who are underprivileged or sick… it is an absolutely practical belief that regardless of a person’s background, ability or inability to pay, he should be provided with the best that society has to offer.”

Neil Kinnock (1970- ) Welsh Labor Politician

We believe holistic well-being is a human right and responsibility, not a privilege.

Del’s House was founded as a way to give people of all ages, sexualities and gender identities a bit of help when it’s needed.

Here’s some of what we have been able to offer. If you need something, please give us a call and ask. We promise to treat you like a human being.

  • organic and natural food
  • eco-friendly household supplies
  • cooking equipment
  • clothes for any gender
  • vitamins
  • emergency funds for medicine, medical needs, housing, utilities, safe lodging
  • social support and advocacy

Del’s house is a program, not yet an actual house (but we dream).