Not Straight Not Sure

Not Straight Not Sure

“One of the first things I think young people, especially nowadays, should learn is how to see for yourself and listen for yourself and think for yourself.”

Malcolm X (1925-1965) US Civil Rights Activist

We are a group of youth and young adults with diverse sexualities and gender identities. We support each other through activism, education and recreation.

Community Meetings are Open to the PublicActivities include:

  • Movies and discussion
  • Youth Dances
  • Community Forums on Transgender, Spirituality, Coming Out and more
  • Marching in 4th of July and Pride parades
  • Alternative Prom for All Ages
  • Art Making Nights
  • Social Justice Events
  • Hikes

And More for Members

Members 14-25 years old may attend members-only monthly meetings which are

  • Safe
  • open and
  • confidential